Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Bird Purse and Pencil Case

So, as I mentioned earlier here, I was doing a bit of manic sewing. I forgot to take a picture of that specific gift but don't worry! I had to make another gift for the next Saturday for another birthday party and this time I took pictures.

I didn't realize when I took these that there were little white fuzzies all over.
This little purse was made from the bottom of a pair of pants, so I only had to put one seam along the bottom.

A pencil case filled with a few crafty supplies.

Bound with some kind of velvety ribbon. I used the tutorial here, except I didn't use knit for the back. I used two layers of cotton wrong sides together and it still worked really well.

Chloe being my little model!

Now I have to go make another one. Three birthdays three Saturdays in a row!  My girls are busier than I am sometimes.

Have a great day!

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