Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Few New Things

...and lots of pictures!

It has been a while because I keep telling myself that before I can post anything else I have to post about Halloween, which I can't do because I still haven't taken pictures of the girls in their costumes. I have a few from the church Halloween party but I forgot my camera when we went trick-or-treating. 

Chloe was a pirate, I made the vest and the skirt was a thrift store t-shirt made into a skirt.  Vienna was TinkerbellI also made the little dress and the under skirt which you can't see is made out of a sheer curtain.  Eve is a princess, which luckily I didn't have to make. She is wearing the tiara I wore when I got married.

Naomi was a ladybug.  I just made a black fleece hoodie and some wings and sewed them on, and some antennae.  It was pretty easy but turned out cute.

Here is a shot of their loot.

We only took out the older three, and they got some good stuff. Of course it was gone in a few weeks.  They had lots of fun but their bags were not very big and they got heavy pretty fast. Next year I would like to make some bags like this.

Now that I have got that off my chest.... a few more things I have been making.

A cute skirt for Vienna. Panel, exposed elastic waist, just serged on the bottom to finish. I used less than two fat quarters. What a goof that girl is!

Our old stroller seat bit the dust so I made a new one.  It was pretty easy, just cut up the old one and use it as a pattern. This is the tutorial I (kinda) used. I wish I could take pictures like her too.

Some coin purses for the girls. I put a snap on one and realized it wasn't worth the hassle so I did buttons for the rest.

This next one is just a cute picture of Vienna and Naomi.

This is one of our favorite games. My camera has a screen that can swivel so you can turn it to take self portraits. Me and the girls love to try to all fit in and then make crazy faces. I probably have a hundred of these. Most of which I would never post because they are just too embarrassing (for me)!

These ones I just love. I love that my girls are getting my love of reading, especially Chloe. She is learning in giant leaps and is already on to chapter books...with no pictures! Eve is doing really good too. It is harder for her, especially since they are learning to read French at the same time.

This is Naomi's "picture" face that she does when she knows I am taking a picture of her. She is such a ham, and she will do things just to make us laugh!

This post is getting super long, I guess that is what happens when you take a break for a few months, but I just have a few more pics I couldn't resist.

Naomi loves wearing things on her head, weird I know.  Especially for an 18 month old.

Merry Christmas!

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