Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Days of School

I can't believe Vienna is in school! Today was her first day of preschool. She is only in for two mornings a week, but still! What am I going to do with all this time? Ha Ha, all what time I say.

She is so grown up and was very brave. She was pretty excited about school, she has been talking about in since her birthday but when we walked in there were two kids screaming and suddenly she wasn't so sure about it. Her teacher was speaking French with her which threw her off a bit too. When I went to pick her up she barely glanced at me and ran off to play. Vienna has always been my independant one. I made that dress she is wearing but we were running late so no pictures of the whole thing. It takes (surprisingly...or not) way longer to get 3 kids ready for school.

Eve was home sick today so I didn't get the break I was hoping for, but I did get a little sewing done. I had some leggings for the girls that were too big, like size 12 or 14 too big! So I took them in and also a sweater that Eve loves that was also too big.

This picture is from Eve and Chloe's first day of grade 2. They started on August 30! When I was a kid we always started on the Tuesday after Labor Day. They do get a lot of Fridays off through out the year though, almost every second weekend is a long one.

One more picture of my fashion queen. Chloe loves to match, she loves to make outfits and is very particular about it. Last year for her birthday all she wanted was an "outfit". She talked about it for months before hand. Since I can't afford Gymboree we have to scour the thrift stores. Everything she is wearing is a thriftly find. She loves it though.

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