Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Girlies

There is a reason this blog is called what it is. Because of these four princesses.

I feel so blessed to be their Mama. They fill my days with amazing highs and occasional lows. They are my greatest joy and treasure.

If someone told me when I was young, or even 10 years ago, that I would carry and give birth to big healthy twins I wouldn't have believed them. And then have two more after that! I am still sometimes amazed that I am the mother of all these kids! (Not that four is like sooooooo many or anything :)

Eve, my first born, is sweet and sensitive. She thrives on positive reinforcement. She was made to be an older sister, although she constantly wishes for an older brother, or even a baby one would be fine in her books. I don't think she knows what she is wishing for!

Chloe is a girl of her own as Jeff would say. She seems to be above it all but in her heart she is just as sensitive as her sister. She is confident and a little sassy and very social.

Vienna is Vienna....... what can I say. She pushes everyone's buttons and discipline doesn't seem to even phase her. She idolises her big sisters though and wants to do everything they do, which causes some strain in inter-sister relationships. She can be sweet and so funny when she wants too.

(Poor little one is always sick)

Naomi, or Yohmstein as her sisters have dubbed her, is our little sweetie. She is just starting to find her independence which sometimes has me scrambling! It is hard to say what her personality will pan out to be but I think she is going to be on the quiet side. Although at 15 months and no words yet she still manages to make herself heard!

So there is kind of an overview of my girlies. In a nut shell. As if a little girl could ever be contained in such a small space!

I wonder how you add a signature to the end of a post, I feel like I am just kind of leaving it hanging....

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