Thursday, September 15, 2011

Too Much Baking

I don't know what I got myself into. Sometimes I have very relaxing days with no commitment, just what I want to do. And then there are days with too much commitment.
 Today my day went like this:
  • wake up
  • get the 3 girls to school
  • home and put Naomi for a nap
  • sew like a mad woman (a gift for a birthday this Saturday)
  • pick up Vienna from pre-school
  • cancel play date because I have too much to do
  • ichiban for lunch
  • make corn bread
  • make homemade granola bars for school lunches (cause it's cheaper right? ha ha)
  • make corn bread
  • make cookies
  • make corn bread
  • make supper
  • make corn bread
  • sew like a mad woman with a little glitter added this time
Jeff is in charge of our ward Chili Cook-Off this Saturday and he volunteered me to make all the cornbread. Well ok, I volunteered myself. I didn't know at the time I would have sewing commitments as well. Ok ok, I decided to make a gift instead of buying one (it's cheaper right? ha ha, this time it actually is because it's almost all from my stash). Pictures to come as soon as I have time during the day to take some.

On a different note, our application for the Leisure access Program was accepted, so now we can go to the zoo and go swimming again! Yay!

And just to add some cuteness factor, here's a pic of Naomi from this summer. Who can resist that cute mug?!


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