Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Loooooooong Hair

The girls (Chloe and Eve) finally convinced me to straighten their hair.

This is a huge deal for me.  Not only because it takes a long time but because I have very strong feelings about natural hair. 

When they were much younger I didn't really know anything about taking care of hair like theirs and made quite a few mistakes. I started researching on line how to take care of mixed- ethnicity hair and the more I read the more I realised " I don't want my girls to be ashamed of or hate their hair!". There are such mixed feelings and controversy out there in the world and a lot of people think that "good hair" is straight hair. And I vehemently oppose that school of thought.

I feel like I have fought a hard fight and possibly a loosing battle with the world in defense of my beautiful girls and their beautiful hair.  I want them to love themselves no matter what they look like or dress like. And I want them to be loved for their gentle hearts and kind spirits, not what they look like or if they have the right hair.

If I could instill in them anything it would be to love their Father in Heaven, love others, and love themselves.  And so if they want straight hair "just once" I will give it to them, because I love them that much.


  1. their hair is beautiful any way.you have great material to work with!

  2. Have you seen Chris Rock's documentary called Good Hair? I haven't but it sounds like it would be interesting. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1213585/

    p.s. AB = Amanda :)